Quantum Dots Lasers

High power, wavelength stabilized laser diodes for Second Harmonic Generation used in various application like RGB sources, Flow cytometry, confocal microscopy etc.


Broad ASE spectrum sources (SLD) and broad gain Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers are used as a key components for OCT light engines.


Various customized solutions for Datacom. Temperature insensitive high power lasers or RSOAs arrays. Comb-Laser is a multi wavelength light source for DWDM in the O-band.


Diverse portfolio of unique high power/broad tuning range gain chips, custom wavelength high power DFB lasers, FBG stabilized laser diode modules for scientific and R&D use.


Large variety of Superluminiscent diodes, Fabry-Perot, FBG stabilized and DFB lasers being a key component for high power fiber lasers are serving Industrial sector.


LEDs and RCLEDs recognized as attractive components for Automotive and Medical markets.