INNOLUME to present update on comb-laser for WDM-applications at Photonics West exhibition

January 21st, 2009

Dortmund, Germany, Santa Clara, California, USA (January 21st, 2009) – Innolume, the leading provider of Quantum Dot (QD) laser diodes and modules covering the 1064nm to 1320nm optical spectrum, today announced that it will be presenting a technical paper on its revolutionary comb-laser at Photonics West in San Jose, California January 27th (Paper 7230-21, Session 5: Integration and Devices for Comms, 10:30 AM). The paper, "A single comb laser source for short reach WDM interconnects," describes how Innolume's laser can power Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (WDM) for high-channel-count, short-reach, low cost interconnects in computer server rooms as well as inside computers. Short-reach WDM offers a needed alternative to parallel optics with its proliferation of underutilized fiber. Data are presented on 10 Gb/s external, error-free modulation of each channel, and the first demonstration of open eye diagrams from spectrum slices for 1.25 Gb/s direct modulation. The latter has unique potential for WDM-PON applications. The paper, presented by VP of Engineering Greg Wojcik, includes key technical authors from Innolume's Santa Clara, California office and its design and fabrication facility in Dortmund, Germany, in addition to authors from HP Laboratories' Information and Quantum Systems group in Palo Alto, California.

About Innolume
Innolume is the premier manufacturer of 'quantum dot'-based diode lasers and laser modules. Their natural lasing wavelengths cover the spectral window from 1064 nm to 1300 nm, which is outside the range of conventional semiconductor laser technology. This coverage enables novel industrial, medical, and communications applications. Innolume's product list includes epitaxial wafers, laser diode chips/bars, and fiber-coupled modules. Its most recent innovation is a unique light engine for future WDM optical interconnects in mainstream computing applications. This engine is a single diode laser that simultaneously emits many low-noise lasing lines, each of which can transmit high speed data. Innolume is based in Santa Clara, California and Dortmund, Germany. (

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