Innolume GmbH announces the next generation of Quantum Dot based LD-12XX-series laser diode

August 24, 2012

Butterfly niceKeeping output characteristics the same - 350mW kink-free output power and Fiber Bragg Grating stabilized spectrum in 1180nm up to 1270nm wavelength range, new LD-12XX-series lasers has substantially improved wall-plug efficiency.

The main differentiation compared to the previous generation is a higher operating temperature of the laser chip which allowed shifting the maximum of wall-plug efficiency to higher environment temperatures. As a result, the wall-plug efficiency of the butterfly packaged laser including TEC (thermo-electric cooler) exceeds 16% at 40°C case temperature which is typical for the environment in PON equipment racks and by that leading to a significant reduction of power consumption.

“This optimization supports our customers in further improving of their products already introduced to the market,” says Guido Vogel, Managing Director of Innolume, “and by that bring even more benefits of Raman based GPON Reach Extension to network operators compared to conventional Reach Extenders based on Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (SOA).”


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