Innolume announces increased output power of >500mW for its LD-12xx diode laser series

December 20, 2012

FAST-DOT LogoThe new generation of LD-12xx-series, a diode laser platform mainly designed as a pump source for O-band Raman amplification, provides a single mode kink-free output power of >500 mW at 1500 mA, e.g. centered at 1240 nm. The 14-pin butterfly packaged laser is equipped with a polarization maintaining fiber (PMF) as well as a fiber Bragg grating (FBG) to achieve high stability of output power and spectrum. All custom wavelengths in the range 1170nm – 1270nm are available on request.

“Increase of pump power at excellent wall-plug efficiency is a key customer requirement”, says Guido Vogel, Managing Director of Innolume GmbH, “this new generation series combines both and thus makes it the first choice for O-Band Raman Amplifiers.”


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