Innolume introduces a new diode laser product family designed for pulse operation

January 15, 2014

The diode lasers LD-10XX-BF-p1000 series, dedicated to operate as a seed source in Yb- and Nd-doped fiber laser systems, are available at any wavelength between 1030 and 1130 nm, e.g. 1064nm.

Having rise and fall times in the nanosecond range, the lasers feature up to 1.2W peak optical power in sub-microsecond pulse mode. In contrast to CW high power devices like LD-1064-YY-600 the new series lasers have no warm-up period showing stable radiation right after switching on.

The lasers are available in industry standard 14-pin butterfly package with build-in TEC and thermistor and are equipped with HI1060 fiber or with polarization maintaining PM-980 fiber. In the case of PM fiber the output light is linearly polarized and oriented along the slow axis with high polarization extinction ratio (PER).

Innolume will be displaying the product at PHOTONICS WEST 2014 (booth 207). For more information contact us or come visit our booth.

LD-10XX-YY-p1000 (specification sheet)

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