January 17, 2020

100mW DFB Laser at 100°C

Innolume has developed and released first generation of temperature insensitive up to 100°C DFB Laser with 100mW output power and ~20% wall plug efficiency which can become an enabling component for the future datacom equipment.

Tuning range
L-I-V characteristics

Output power
Output power vs temperature

This product should substantially reduce laser costs and power consumption in datacom market. We estimate 90% cost savings for laser (by eliminating multiple, low output power lasers) and up to 50% total power savings due to uncooled operation saving energy and environment one laser at a time. By enabling lower channel costs, it will accelerate the ability of datacentres to handle burgeoning demand in data processing. Featuring 180mW@100°C and providing 100mW at the fixed current in the whole 25-100°C temperature range this high-power DFB laser is targeting both to substitute existing solutions as well as to create a new market segment as it is enabling a completely new system architecture.

Please, contact us for details.

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