detail view September 15, 2020
Innolume's Quantum Dot technology for datacom market.

detail view December 10, 2019
Innolume High Temperature DFB laser became a finalist of Prism Awards.

detail view September 17, 2019
Temperature insensitive up to 100°C DFB Laser with 100mW output power is introduced.

detail view March 11, 2019
In frames of “Horizon 2020”, Innolume GmbH in consortium with world leading European research institutes, large enterprises and SMEs was granted with a project focused on integration of high-speed SiGe BiCMOS electronics and GaAs quantum laser chiplets onto Silicon Photonics wafers.

detail view December 31, 2018
Innolume introduces Tapered Amplifier at 1060-1110nm - the first TA in our portfolio.

detail view December 12, 2017
Innolume's Quality Management System reconfirmed ISO 9001:2015 compliance.

detail view September 15, 2017
New OEM Laser Diode Driver is available for all Innolume SM fiber coupled devices.

detail view September 24, 2015
60mW DFB laser family for O-Band interconnect application is introduced.

detail view May 15, 2015
1.5W peak power from 1064nm seed source was achieved.

detail view February 23, 2015
New Gain-chip at 780 nm with output power 100mW is announced.

detail view January 06, 2015
Gain-chip at 1270 nm and output power 200 mW is produced.

detail view December 18, 2014
Gain-chip at 1180 nm wavelength and output power more than 200 mW is introduced.

detail view December 08, 2014
Gain-modules now are available in new case design.

detail view November 14, 2014
Gain-chip at 920 nm wavelength and output power more than 200 mW is announced.

detail view October 31, 2014
Superluminescent Diode (SLD) at 1060 nm with 300mW output power is introduced.

detail view October 16, 2014
New Laser Diode Driver is available for all Innolume SM fiber coupled devices.

detail view August 26, 2014
Gain-chip at 980 nm wavelength and output power more than 300 mW is announced.

detail view January 15, 2014
Innolume introduces a new diode laser product family designed for pulse operation

detail view December 20, 2012
Innolume announces increased output power of >500mW for its LD-12xx diode laser series

detail view November 05, 2012
Innolume and its partners successfully finalized the EU 7th FP project FAST-DOT

detail view August 24, 2012
Innolume announces the next generation of Quantum Dot based LD-12XX-series laser diode

detail view May 09, 2012
Innolume introduces new product line designed for Second Harmonic Generation (SHG)

detail view April 16, 2012
Innolume enhances its Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA) portfolio for the Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT) application

detail view May 5, 2011
Innolume introduces upgrade of LD-12xx-series laser platform at LASER World of PHOTONICS 2011

detail viewAugust 19, 2010
Innolume is going to announce its’ LD-12xx-series laser platform at ECOC show this year

detail viewJuly 22, 2010
Innolume Debuts New Generation Pump Laser - Enabling low cost GPON Reach Extension

detail viewJanuary 21, 2009
Innolume to present update on comb-laser for WDM-applications at Photonics West exhibition

detail viewSeptember 24, 2008
Innolume Receives 2008 Frost & Sullivan Award for North American Semiconductor Laser Technology Innovation of the Year

detail viewAugust 4, 2008
Innolume Secures €8.6 Million New Funding to Ramp up Production and Enhance Market Penetration of Quantum Dot Lasers

detail viewMarch 24, 2008
Innolume introduces its Comb Laser Diode for O-band WDM